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Teresa Marin / Mrs. Buckley

Sep. 13, 1973:

Dear Peter,

    Hi! How’s everything over there? I hope you miss me as much as I miss you. Everything here is going great. I told my family all about you. And their reaction of you was quite favorable. They can’t wait until December to see you, either can I.

    Rene and I had a long talk about you today. You are probably wondering what we talked about. We talked about what type of person you are, and how much I care about you.

School starts tomorrow, I really don’t want to go, but I’m going to give it a try.

I had a great time in Hawaii because of you. Thank you for everything. Especially Saturday. (on the beach)

Pete I would like a picture of you. The ones I took might not turn out because my camera opened up on the plane by accident.

I still can’t believe it. But if you write and I write December 20, will come sooner.

I love you so much. I must go now. I’ll write to you tomorrow.

P.S. “I love you.”

Love always,


Sep. 27, 1973:

Dear Peter,

    I was sure happy to receive your letter today. I was feeling really low and depressed. But your letter brought me out of my depression quickly.

    My sister and brother-in-law left for Seattle a couple days ago. I guess it just hit me until today that she has left.

    The other reason for my depression is “school”. I really hate it, but I know it can’t get any worse than it is now, so I’m going to keep on trying OK.

    I’m talking mostly Physical Education courses. Most of my teachers are all right, nothing to great, but adequate. But I hate being the only girl in two of my classes and one of five in my third class. I really don’t know why I’m complaining (just kidding). Maybe because most of the guys are pretty weird. And there’s is a handsome and good-looking guy in Hawaii that I crazy about and will always “love”.

    I was really glad to hear your getting your cast off Thursday. (By the time you receive this letter, you’ll have it off I hope).

    I have to go now.

    Love always,


Oct. 8, 1973:

Dear Peter,

    I received your beautiful cards. They really maded my day.

    The weather here is just great. It reached 95 degrees yesterday and it’s suppose to be hotter tomorrow. I knew the weather would get hotter as soon as school started.

    Rene has kept me pretty busy these past couple of days. First we when to see a Engelbert Humperdinck concert. Rene is his number one fan. He really doesn’t do much for me. The next day we went to Rene mother’s in Burbank and then later that night we when to a show at the Forum. The show was great!

    School is still the same (Boring). Now the teachers are really pouring on the work. Helen really likes school. I’m the one that’s giving my parents a bad time, not Helen.

    How’s everything with you? I miss you so much, I can’t wait until December. I even started counting the days.

    It’s only 81 more days.

    I have to go now because I’m writing between classes & teachers lectures.

    P.S. I love you.

    P.S. Will write soon.

    Love always,


Oct. 15, 1973:

Dear Peter,

    I hope you are not working too hard or too late.

    I thought you were getting your cast off sooner than this, but your last letter says not until October 4. I bet you and your future students or group can’t wait until the 4th either.

    I’m still looking for a picture to send you. So I’ll send it in the next letter.

    School is just fine now. I’m doing great according to my grades.

    I know there must be a good reason why you didn’t phone. Maybe someone was on the phone or I wasn’t home. I just hope you keep on writing. That’s all I really care about. As long as there is some form of communication between us. I love you very much and I don’t want to see it end. I never left like this about anyone.

    The weather is the same out here. How’s the weather out there?

    I must go now! I’ll write soon.

    P.S. “I love you.”

    69 more days.

    Love always,


Jan. 7, 1974:



Dear Peter,

    I sure miss you. I wish you were still here keeping me warm. It was really nice having you near me.

    I’m sorry I acted so weird at the airport, but I didn’t want to see you go.

    It’s Christmas and my family and I were up early to open our gifts, but what I really wanted wasn’t under the tree. It was you. I love my ring. It’s just beautiful. I love you with all my heart. You have maded me the happiness girl in the world. Can you imagine Mrs. Peter Buckley. It sounds good!

    My family really like you. They haven’t stop talking about you, and can’t wait for you to come back and either can I.

    I’ve started our scrapbook. I’ve received a couple of cards congratulating us on our engagement. My relatives haven’t stop calling to see if the rumor was right about our engagement. I only called my close relatives, but the one’s that have been calling I haven’t seen in years! My relatives can’t wait to look you over and give their OK.

    I received two lockets for Christmas but I only have one picture of you and I don’t want to cut that one up so if you have a couple of pictures you wouldn’t mind me cutting up to fit my lockets, please send them to me.

    I hope your Christmas was a pleasant one. Please tell me how your parents took the news about our engagement. And how are you taking it? If you have any regrets, please tell me!!!

    I better go now and help my mother with dinner. Will write soon.

    P.S. I love you with all my heart!

    Love always and always,


Jan. 7, 1974:

                                            Jan. 3, 1973


Dear Peter,

    Things haven’t been working out here for me. Well, I haven’t been feeling well so my doctor decided I should have a couple of test taken. So I’m in the hospital now having the test done. I don’t know much but the doctor has ruled out a ulcer, which makes me happy. My roommate is really great. She makes the time in here pleasant. I’m fine so please don’t worry. I’m not. I hope to come home tomorrow but that’s what I said yesterday. This gives me time to do my homework and time to write to you.

    I’m  sorry I forgot to mail my first two letters until now. So you might get three letters all at once.

    Its been raining here. Even a couple of the roads out here are closed.

    I love you with all my heart.

    I have to go now because my doctor is coming. Will write soon to tell you what’s going on.

    P.S. I love you.

    Love always,


Sep. 3, 1975:

                                        Sept 1, 1975


My Dearest Love,

    It’s been hard to write these past three days. I haven’t been able to construct a letter because I have been worried about Paula. I know that you wouldn’t mind if I didn’t write you for a couple of days because I am writing now. I just couldn’t write, I don’t know why, maybe because I was worried about Paula.

    Rene came by Friday to take me to lunch and to do some shopping that Rene needed done. It’s was sure nice having Rene over. We talked & talked until it was time to go visit Paula at the hospital.

    I received a letter from Maggie the other day. She said that they went on vacation. I was wondering why she hadn’t written to me. I’m glad that you wrote to them, they sure miss hearing from you.

    My cousin Vickie and her husband came over Saturday & Sunday. She is feeling a lot better, even good enough to take the ride from their apt. in Burbank to here. They brought over their wedding pictures to show everyone. Vickie sister Cindy & her boyfriend also came over both days. Paula came home Saturday afternoon. Everyone was very happy to have Paula back home again. She is going to the doctor’s tomorrow so that he can check her over. He still hasn’t pin pointed what was wrong with Paula. I hope the doctor will tell them more about what is wrong with Paula. She is feeling a little better every day she is home.

    I received a newsletter from the wives of the husband aboard the Rathburne. I sure enjoyed reading about the events, projects and recipes that were in the newsletter. I didn’t know what to expect when I opened the envelope. I was even afraid that something had happen to you.

    I send in a big kiss to you. I’m counting everyday that goes by. Now we have only 60 more days to go. I can wait to see you again. I love you so very much and I need you near me.

    Love you always,


Sep. 4, 1975:

                                            Sept 4, 1975


My Dearest Love,

    Everyday is going by slower & slower without you. I wouldn’t mine if a couple of weeks went by in only a few days. Anything to have you back sooner with me, but the days of the of the week come one by one and I guess I’ll just have to wait them out. My love is always with you and always will be with you forever & ever. We only have 57 more days until I’m back in your arms making love with you again. I need you so very much so please take care of yourself for me.

    The Krupa came back this evening from their vacation. They went to a Dude Ranch in Colorado. They had a fantastic time there. They had such a good time they made reservations to go back there next year. The kids had a great time riding horses, square dancing, hiking, swimming, and etc. Mr. Krupa love the horses and was riding every chance he got. This was surprising because he had never rode a horse before in his life. Doesn’t it sound like they had a great time?

    I’m really getting bad about writing to anyone else but you. I got to start writing soon or I’m not going to have any friends left.

    Need to hear from you soon. Your letters keep me going.

    P.S. Only 57 more days!

    Love always,


Sep. 6, 1975:

                                            Sept 5, 1975


My Dearest Foxy Fox,

    I’m combining Thursday & Friday news together. Not to much happen Thursday to write about. I spend most of my time at Narbonne High School with Paula. Paula had to go to school to pick out her classes for the fall semester. It took most of the day to finish her program. I was sure happy after it was all over with.

    As for today nothing to much had happen either. I did receive the cap & emblem you sent. I also received a letter from you today. I love receiving letters from you. It makes the distance between us seem closer. Thank you so much for sending me the cap & emblems. I showed them to everyone here. Dad even tried on the cap.

    I started writing again to all the people I needed to write to such as your parents. Pattie Krupa, Val, Dolly, and Louise. I’m halfway done already. Over the weekend I will finish up the rest.

    It won’t be long until we are back together making love. I can’t wait until the day comes when I see you again. It seems so long since we were together last. I know that it is almost the shortest time you have left me, but it seems the longest. My love is always with you. I will end now.


    Love Forever,

    Your Bunny

Sep. 8, 1975:

                                            Sept 5, 1975


My Dearest Love,

    Today has been quiet without Paula, Mary & Helen. Paula is baby sitting now for a lady down the street. Mary is with the again. They were going to Magic Mountain and then to friend of their house until Sunday afternoon. They should be home late Sunday evening. Helen is spending the weekend with her girlfriend Shirley. Shirley mother is gone for the weekend so Helen went over to keep Shirley company. Tonight I’m going to help Myke clear up a house he has been taking care of for a friend of his at the hospital. She isn’t a very neat person, at all.

    I know the time is going by but it isn’t going by fast enough for me. The day are going by slower and slower. I sure wish that the end of October would come soon. I sure need you!

    My mother side of the family is having a picnic at the end of this month. I wish you were here to go with me. There are a lot of cousins you haven’t even met. It should be a lot of fun. It’s going to be at El Nido Park, its in Ru Beach,

    Well, that all I have to say now. I love you so much!

    Your Loving Wife,


Sep. 8, 1975:

                                            Sept 7, 1975


My Dearest Peter,

    Today is another quiet day without Helen & Mary. Paula and I are home now. I spent a lot of time at my aunts house because she has a bad toothache and need some help to prepare dinner for some friends that are coming over. She tried getting out of the dinner but couldn’t.

    I thought of you especially when I was making dinner for my family. I made fried chicken. We hadn’t had fried chicken in a long time. I know you love fried chicken. I sure wish you were here for dinner tonight.

    Helen & Mary should be coming home soon. They both probably had a good time away from home. Once and a while I find that I need to get away too!

    I like to get away to think about you and me. I miss you so much.

    The kids start school Wednesday. Travis is going into the Kindergarten. Chris, Chaneen & Chris also start school at President Avenue. I can’t believe that Travis is old enough to be going to school.

    Everyone including Rene & Myke said “Hi” to you. They sure ask about you all the time. They aren’t the only one that misses you. Remember I do very much.

    Must go now before it gets any later.

    Love forever & ever,


Sep. 9, 1975:

                                            Sept 8, 1975


My Dearest Love,

    My morning started early with St. Margaret Mary’s carpool. Today was their first day of full session. All last week they got out at 12:00. The kids have no school tomorrow because it is Admission Day. The kids were so happy that there wasn’t going to be school tomorrow.

    I think I told you in my last letter that my Aunt Mary was having trouble with a tooth of her’s. I took her to her regular dentist but he couldn’t do anything for her so he sent her to another doctor. So we went to the other dentist to find out the her tooth was badly infected and needs a root canal put in. He worked on her for at least a half a hour. The pain has gone away a little but cheek is really swollen. Now she is on pain pills but they aren’t doing the job they are suppose to be doing. I hope she is better by this weekend because my Uncle Joe & Aunt Mary start their vacation then. It would be terrible if they had to cancel it because of her tooth. They both have been looking forward to this vacation for a longtime now.

    I’m thinking of nothing but you now. I wish time would just fly by now but it isn’t. My love is alway with you. You mean so much to me. Please take care of yourself for me. I need you so much. In less than 53 day you’ll be back with me.

    I can’t wait!

P.S. I think I forgot to finish spelling Redondo Beach in my last letter. Sorry about that.

    Love Always,


Sep. 11, 1975:

                                            Sept 10, 1975

My Dearest Love,

    In just four days we will be married 3 months. These past three months and plus the time we have known each other has been the happiness time in my life. I hoping that it will always continue for us. I know it will.

    I think I told you about the family picnic that my mother side of the family is having. Well, I’m not sure whether there is going to be a picnic or not. My cousin who is arranging the picnic forgot to send half the family an invitation. Now some of the Aunts are upset that they weren’t invited yet and have said they weren’t going to go if they were invited now. So I don’t know what is going to happen to the picnic planned for Sept 27.

    The new shows on T.V. are starting this week. Some of them sound really good. When you come back you’ll have a lot to catch up on.

    I hate making decisions by myself. Well, I did something & I hope you will agree with me that it was a good decision. I bought a 3 piece suit of luggage for $40.00. The luggage are really nice. It’s a gold color. I hope I maded the right decision in this case.

    Must be saying good-night now. Love you.

P.S. I forgot to mention that my Uncle Joe was selling the luggage. He bought two and only needed one set.

    Forever & Ever




P.S. I forgot to tell you about the first day of school. I took Chris and Chaneen in because their parents weren’t able to come with them. This was Chris’s first time at President Avenue school, so he was naturally scared. He liked the idea that I was going with them. Chaneen was assigned to a classroom but Chris wasn’t so we had to go to the auditorium and wait until he was assigned to his classroom. I had a good time taking the kids. School gets out at 1:55 today. Diane (the lady across the street) and I walked down to school to pick them up. It took the kids 15 minutes, if it took that long to get home & it took Diane and I at least 25 to 30 minutes. I think this was the last time we will walk to pick them up. We wanted to make sure they knew their way home. They do, so now we don’t have worry about that. Must go now - love you

Sep. 13, 1975:

                                            Sept 11, 1975


My Dearest Love,

    The weather hasn’t changed much since I wrote to you last. It is still gloomy here. I hope the weather will change soon. I hope your weather is better out there. Anything is better than this weather.

    Tonight we are going celebrate Mrs. Yosemer birthday. We are going out to dinner with her sister-in-law and her kids. We are going to a nearby restaurant that has a lot of atmosphere it is called Victoria Station. After dinner we are going to her sister-in-law for cake & ice cream.

    Please tell me more about your new job at Imperial Beach. Have you heard anymore about the housing conditions over there? I can’t wait until we are living together. We have about 50 days left until we are back together again. Fifty days seem so long, I sure hope they go by in a hurry because I can’t wait to see you.

    Helen is going along with my Aunt & Uncle on their vacation. Myke & Vivian are going up their on Friday to spent the weekend with them. This is going to be a interest vacation for Helen because she doesn’t like Vivian and she hates being a third wheel.

    It’s time to go now. I send you my Love.

    Love Always,


Sep. 15, 1975:

                                            Sept 14, 1975


My Dearest Love,

    I’m sorry that I was unable to write to you Friday & Saturday because I wasn’t feeling well. I’m feeling better today. I had to write today because it is a special day for us. Three months ago today you made me the most happiest & luckiest girl in the world. I hope you received your card in time. I thought that the mailman had taken the card but he hadn’t. It wasn’t until two days later that I found out that your card was still in the mailbox. I sure hope you have it by now.

    My girlfriend Jane came over earlier today. My family & I convinced her into staying for dinner. My cousin Vickie and her husband also came over for dinner. We all had a good time talking and watching T.V. after dinner. I hadn’t seen Tori since the wedding. Tori, Rene & I went to Harbor College together. We were very good friends then and I hope we will always remain that way.

    Dad is working days this coming week. The whole family hates when Dad works days. It throws everyone off schedule when he changes his working schedule.

    I need to hear from you soon because I’m feeling lonely without you. We only have 64 more days without each other. Love you!

    Forever & Ever,

    Your Bunny

Sep. 24, 1975:

                                            Sept 21, 1975


My dearest Peter,

    I’m not sure whether I told you that we had a evening guest. His name is Chris, he is one of Mom’s babysitting kids. Chris’s mother asked Mom if Chris could spend the night when she was ready to go to the hospital to have her baby.

    Early Sunday morning Chris became a brother, now Chris has a babysitter name Melissa. Mom took him (Chris) to the Homeowner picnic. While they were at the picnic I was at christening. The christening took longer than I thought it would be. After the christening I went to pick up Mom & Chris at the park. Chris was having a great time when I arrived. He didn’t want to leave, but we had to because we hadn’t started dinner yet.

    Bob & Vickie came over this evening to pick up a blanket that Grandma had maded special for their waterbed.

    This is just a short note to tell you what is going on here.

    My love is always with you.

P.S. Only 39 more days! Sorry about the stationery.

    Love Always,


Sep. 24, 1975:

                                            Sept 22, 1975


My Dearest Peter,

    It’s Monday and you know what Monday is - of course it’s carpool day for us. I sometimes pick up on Friday morning in exchange for Monday afternoon pickup. The kids aren’t as restless in the morning as they are in the morning. The other reason is because one of the ladies in carpool has a baby and she hates to disturb the baby twice in one day from her nap.

    Today is Rene 22 birthday. I have tried calling her but I haven’t yet been able to reach her yet but I’m still trying. I bought her a plant for her birthday. I think she will like it.

    We received another wedding today, it was from Mr. & Mrs. Wilkins. They gave us some beautiful pillowcases. I can’t believe we are still receiving wedding gifts.

    Helen came home today from June Lake. Friday we are going to have a fish-fry at my Aunts house. Helen caught 25 fish - can you believe that! We can’t.

    Missing you a super super lot.

P.S. Only 38 to go!

    Love Always,


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