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John L. Koon S.R.

Oct. 26, 1963


Hi Folks,

    Guess you thought I must have broken my arm or something since it had been so long since I wrote; But nothing like that has happened. I don’t know were the time has went these last weeks there is always something else to do. Today is the only Saturday that I haven’t had to work although I had to mess around to nine before I could do as I please now I don’t know what to write about. Well I will start the graduation parade next Friday the 1st at 3:30. Then Saturday I will get an 10 hour liberty leave and finally Tuesday at 11 o’clock I will leave the station going to the airport and should get home sometime Tuesday night if I get my order in I don’t know when I will get them some of the boys who are going to seas have already gotten theirs because they will have to get shots before they leave next week. Some of them will go as far as Japan. The Boy from Newberry has gotten a ship and I think it is head for Japan. There is only about 10 in our company who knows where they are going.

    I just got your letter today and I am glad to hear that everybody is doing alright. From what I here the gail is much of a gail but more of a hurricane. Yesterday I heard that it was about 70 miles from Charleston but I haven’t heard anything about it today so I hope that there will be something left of South Carolina when I get home because to news reports.

    Well I don’t think it will be any use in write about Wednesday so tell the people not to write unless I write and tell you different. I think we can wait another week then we can call instead of writing.



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