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This site is dedicated to the 58,220 men and 8 women who gave their lives for their country, and remembering those who returned home from Vietnam.




Personally, I find the conflict in Vietnam to be one of the most intriguing parts of America's history. It has created an impact which remains to this day, and yet, most students and members of the younger generations know very little about it, the extent of their knowledge being that it was "bad", and that PTSD was prevalent among its veterans. It is a topic discussed briefly in classrooms, quickly being brushed over and then ignored.


However, when we look deeper into Vietnam, we find thousands of different stories, from thousands of different kinds of soldiers. Boys, the youngest being fifteen years old, were sent to fight in a foreign land, against an enemy they did not understand. They were faced with a terrain and climate dramatically different from that in the United States. They suffered in a country thousands of miles away from home, with the majority in the US indifferent to their sacrifice. Most only had a high school education, some not even that. And more often than not, the fallen were lost to the pages of history as solely another number. Those returning home were forced to live with the memories of Vietnam forever, memories which the civilian population never would, and still, never will be, able to comprehend.

My hope with this website is to provide a place where the veterans of Vietnam can share their stories and experiences, so that those of the present generation, and generations beyond, can continue to try to understand the war better, as well as to provide a permanent place for those stories to be located, so that what happened in Vietnam is never forgotten.

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